"I am passionate about creating handcrafted and unique rides that people know is all their own...a beautiful way to enjoy our natural world." - Ken Marvel

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Marvel Boards and Boats is committed to building handcrafted, one of a kind surfboards, paddle boards, skateboards, kayaks and other products for discerning and active outdoor enthusiasts.   

Our passion for the sea and the land is blended with a desire to provide customers with a beautiful and bespoke way to enjoy nature, crafted from the bounty that nature provides.   Every piece created is original, just like you...enhancing your individual style on your quest to enjoy life.  

Our own journey of creation begins with the use of the highest quality materials that are hand selected and carefully and sustainably sourced.   Time is taken with each piece to bring to life an original expression of style and craftsmanship that highlights the distinctive beauty and strength that only natural wood products provide.  Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood tell the same story, and that story is as original as you.

-Ken Marvel

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Marvel Boards and Boats 

By Appointment, Sarasota, Florida 

Email: ken@marvelboardsandboats.com

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